Fire alarm installation for IG Elements

IG Elements

Woodward Group’s fire services team provided IG Elements, an offsite component manufacturer, with an upgraded, tailored fire alarm solution.

Based in Woodville, Derbyshire, IG Elements provides architects, engineers, and company buyers with an expert partnership for all their offsite building component needs and requirements. This includes door canopies, dormers, bay window roofs, chimney stacks and door and window surrounds. All of its products are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and delivered to client sites ready for installation.

To ensure that it met the latest fire and safety standards, IG Elements approached Woodward Group for help with upgrading its manual fire alarm system with automatic detection throughout the site. Having worked with us on a variety of projects in the past, IG Elements knew it could rely on the Woodward Group team to complete the job to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

We installed a brand new, analogue, addressable system throughout the site and instated two 2 loop advanced panels on a fault tolerant network. On completion, IG Elements was left with an up to date, fully functional fire alarm system, which includes 24hour monitoring.

We’re thrilled that the company had now passed its risk assessment, is fully compliant with the latest fire and security requirements, and can rest safe in the knowledge that its people and property are protected from the risk of a fire.

“The team remained efficient with a high level of professionalism.  In the case of an emergency they assisted immediately to ensure the equipment was fit for purpose. They always give us expert advice and are very informative. The team follow our strict onsite health and safety regulations. Highly recommended!” – Renata Juhasz, Health & Safety Coordinator


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