Awarded the Pledge 2019 Contractors Award

“Woodward Group feels incredibly humbled after being awarded the Pledge 2019 Contractors Award which we had the pleasure of receiving from the established author and public speaker, Bonita Norris. The experienced mountaineer who gave an inspiring speech also held the title of the youngest British woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest till May 2012. We were given this award specifically for our dedication to Health and Safety during the Ibstock Brick PLC LED Lighting Project.

The Ceramic Industry Health and Safety Pledge is an industry-wide commitment to engage in a process of continuous improvement in health and safety, which has been running for over 15 years. The programme was set up as a direct response by the industry to the then Government’s challenge to the industry as a whole to “revitalise” its health and safety performance. Now in its fourth phase, “The Pledge” has involved the industry working alongside the Health and Safety Executive and the trade unions in a truly collaborative effort.

Health and safety is an industry that has seen huge change over the last decade. Ensuring that we are at the forefront has always been a major priority of ours. This award is a brilliant achievement that we feel incredibly grateful for and proud of.”

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