Fire alarm installation for Flexipol

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Woodward Group’s fire safety team installed a brand new addressable fire alarm system for packaging specialist Flexipol with no disruption to factory production. 

Flexipol is a leading flexible packaging specialist that works collaboratively with international businesses to help solve their packaging challenges.

Flexipol needed a new, up-to-date fire alarm system that complied with the latest fire safety standards for their Haslingden manufacturing facility. The installation was complicated due to four extrusion machines that ran vertically through the building and between mezzanine floors. It was also essential to keep disruption to a minimum and allow the machinery to keep running during works so that there was no down time in the factory.

After an extensive pre-planning process, including site visits with the installation team, to ensure the new system met the requirements of the fire risk assessment, the team put together the ambitious work schedule.

High level fire detection equipment was installed throughout the factory using specialist scaffold towers to reach the highest points above the extrusion machines while negotiating existing cable routes.

The new addressable fire alarm system was successfully installed to L2 BS5839-1 2017 standards, meeting the design specification of the fire risk assessment and completing the project on schedule with no disruption to production.






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